Three Tips on How to Eat on Your Wedding Day

You know when married people say, "I didn't get to eat the food at my own wedding!" The wedding day can be full of hustle and bustle, and forgetting to eat is one of the most common things that we hear from brides and grooms about their wedding day. Here are a couple of ways you can make sure that you get to eat the food you picked out at your wedding reception!

1. Have someone make a plate for you.

More than likely you or your wedding planner have a "to do" list created for the big day, so add this to the list! Ask a family member or your wedding planner prior to the day-of to make sure that a plate of delicious food is made up for you and your partner to be placed at your table.

(If you don't have a day-of to do list and timeline, we will talk more about it's importance at a later date!)

2. Eat before the reception.

We have heard stories from so many couples that love the quiet of having a quick meal together after the ceremony. Make a space in the timeline for someone to bring you a plate at a designated area of the venue after the ceremony but before you're announced at the reception. This provides an intimate time for you and your newly married partner to take a breath during the big day!

3. Take some food to go!

If the other two options have gone out the window, ask a family member, your planner, or even the caterer to make a plate of food for you to go. Honestly, we would definitely suggest doing this regardless in case the hunger sets in later!

Wedding days are exciting but don't forget to eat! Add this tip to your to do list for the big day!

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