Say "I DO" to Healthy Skin

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

This article was written by: Tracy Davenport (Health + Beauty Expert)

Say ‘I do’ to healthy, glowing skin on your special day!  It is arguably the happiest day of your life.  You are marrying your soulmate, your best friend, the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with.  That’s HUGE!  There will be loads of pictures that you will one day show your grandchildren.  Your dress is beautiful. Your hairstyle and veil are perfect. The flowers are gorgeous. The cake looks amazing. Your venue is stunning. Your groom is handsome. BUT, everyone is looking at YOU. Your expressions, your smile, your glow! Sure, there are filters, but great skincare is your BEST filter!  Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be a seasonal or situational ritual. Like brushing your teeth, it should be a daily ritual for life. There’s also an incredible link between self-esteem and the quality of peoples’ skin.  When you feel like your skin looks good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are more apt to be confident and productive. Your makeup artist will likely thank you as well, for giving her a clean, smooth pallet to work with!

Many people think that the condition of their skin is wholly due to their genetics.  You will be happy to know that that our daily habits are responsible for 80% of the visible signs of aging.  You have an enormous amount of control over the condition of your skin. Take the time to take care for it, because it is going to represent you for a long time.  There are many things you can start doing or continue doing to have healthy, glowing skin.

Top 10 Healthy Skin Habits:

1.Stay out of the sun/tanning beds!

Your skin is a fantastic historian. The sun can leave souvenirs in the form of dark marks, freckles (no one is born with freckles…true story. As cute as some of them are, they are a form of sun damage), leathery skin, decreased elasticity and even areas of decreased melanin (white confetti-like marks).  No matter your age, the first anti-aging/protective product you should ever buy (and use consistently) is the right sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection. Our Reverse Lightening and Reverse Brightening Regimens not only reverse sun damage, melasma and dark marks, but if used regularly, prevents further damage.  You can read more about it here: ( Feel like you will need some extra color? Use a sunless tanner it won’t damage your skin. And for some, it will keep you from looking the same color as your wedding dress (can I get an AMEN)! We have a sunless foaming tanner that goes on without streaking. And drum roll please, it won’t make you orange and doesn’t have a bad odor.  Ladies, the best time to try out a new tanner is NOT the day before your wedding or any professional pictures.  Make sure you test any tanners out well in advance.  Here is a link to check out ours: ( )

2. Don’t smoke or stop smoking.

It seriously affects the structure of your skin.  Due to all the toxins contained in cigarettes, they cause decreased blood flow to the skin.  It reduces the body’s ability to form collagen and causes elastin to thicken and break apart resulting in dry, cracked, wrinkled and sagging skin. We don’t even need to mention that cigarettes have been proven to cause cancer. I think that is a given in 2018. If you smoke and are having a hard time quitting, see a medical professional. There are so many good options for smoking cessation today. There is also micro-needling to help with those fine lines you earned from smoking.  We even have one that you use daily at home and does not look or feel like a torture device! I’ll get off my soap box about the all-around health dangers of smoking, but if you are a smoker try decreasing your smoking as you get closer to your wedding date, if only for your skin’s sake and your professional pictures. (

3. When it comes to skincare, you snooze, you WIN!

We are all too familiar with dark circles forming under your eyes when you aren’t getting enough sleep, but did you know that your skin “rests” at night and that’s when cells repair themselves? If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you won’t look (or feel) your best. And it isn’t just the amount of sleep you’re getting, it’s the position you sleep in that counts.  Sleeping on your back will prevent “crush lines” (the lines created from sleeping face down or on your side), as well as decrease puffy eyes. Over the course of a lifetime sleeping on your back, with gravity on your side for 8 hours a night, it’s like getting a natural facelift!  We also have two amazing eye creams to give your eyes some relief and make them shine! Our Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex for dark circles ( ) and our very popular Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream (


Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, a new home, a new life can be stressful. Stress can do a number on our skin. Stress can negatively affect the appearance of our hair, skin, and nails. It can also cause acne, hives, eczema, rosacea, warts and herpes. And stress is a huge player in speeding up the appearance of aging on the skin. I get it, not stressing out is easier said than done.  If someone tells me to stop stressing out, it just makes me more stressed!! Find something that works for you like: music, meditation, prayer, exercise, yoga, massage or therapy.  Our newest product launch is for a new Dermacosmetic line that is a tinted liquid that acts like skin care.  Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid comes in 6 shades and protects your skin against UVA/UVB radiation with SPF 30, is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.  In fact, it visibly reduces the size of pores and blurs imperfections.  It is your last step in your skincare routine!  (

5. Eat Right!

Yes, girlfriend just eat right, and by right, I mean healthily. This should seem like a no-brainer, but if you are struggling with skin tip #4, this might be harder than you think. You may not be happy to hear this, but food like fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish slow the aging process and help your skin look its best. While others, like refined carbs, including flour, sugar and milk, actually accelerate it.  The dermatologists I work with say if you are going to eat only one vitamin-enriched fruit, make it a papaya.  Fields says, “they contain more vitamin A than apricots, more vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than a banana-and they taste good too”. Make sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 like those found in salmon, walnuts, sardines and flax seed) to boost your skin’s barrier and keep moisture in and irritants out. And eat lots of “super” antioxidant foods like blueberries, blackberries and prunes to protect your skin from free radicals.

6. Exercise Regularly.

Exercise increases your circulation and ensures that vital nutrients are delivered to cells.  Ideally 30-60 minutes of exercise per day for 4-7 days a week is optimal for your health. Again, easier said than done. Everyone is busy, but we can all move throughout the day. We can take the stairs instead of the elevator, we can park further away in the parking lot and walk, we can watch a workout/yoga video from our phone at home.  Be creative. Not only will you feel better, you may be pleasantly surprised with how well your clothes fit.  Consistent exercise has been shown to reduce stress, which like I said before, is beneficial for your skin. If you sweat a lot, make sure you are cleaning your face, especially around your hairline after a workout to prevent breakouts.  We have Make Up remover wipes I keep in my gym bag for just this reason. They are full of peptides and won’t dry out your skin (

7. Don’t be picky!

While it can be tempting to pop that pimple when it is staring you in the face in your mirror…RESIST.  Popping pimples forces the bacteria deeper into the skin and can cause greater inflammation and can lead to scarring.  This is when you need to find a good anti-acne regimen and stick to it. Our Unblemish regimen not only clears up blemishes, but if used daily, prevents future breakouts. It does contain sulfa and benzoyl peroxide, so you will need to make sure you aren’t allergic to either before using (

8. Adapt your skincare routine to your climate

Whether you find yourself in a dry desert climate, a hot and humid climate, a high-altitude climate or a cold and windy climate, your skin will let you know what it needs! 

For dry climates, microdermabrasion and a good humectant are great, as well as extra moisturizer with sunscreen. Our Microdermabrasion Paste ( is a salt-sugar scrub that gently removes the dead skin from the surface of your face (or feet, elbows, knees, wherever you want to use it) and our Active Hydration Serum ( instantly hydrates the skin and acts as a moisture reservoir, pulling in moisture from the atmosphere to your face to keep it hydrated all day long.For a hot and humid climate, using a clay-based cleansing mask to unclog pores and prevent blemishes, as well as an oil free moisturizer is helpful. Our Redefine Step One is a fantastic daily-use kaolin clay mask, which is followed by a non-alcoholic toner and an oil-free, SPF day cream and a night cream. ( )High-altitude climates require extra moisturizer at morning and at night and the application of sunscreen, even on your lips! All of our daytime moisturizers contain SPF protection, including our Lip Shield ( ) . Cold/windy climates need moisture, but also may require a product to rebuild the skins natural moisture barrier and soothe wind-chapped skin. Our Soothe Regimen ( ) does just that and reduces redness almost immediately.  Two of the four products in this regimen contain gluten, so if you have a gluten intolerance or allergy, you may only be able to use two of them.

9. Drink alcohol only in moderation.

While one glass is probably harmless, consumed in high quantities, alcohol can damage your skin’s appearance. It causes facial redness (including flares with those suffering rosacea), dehydrates your skin, disrupts your sleep cycle and destroys your body’s supply of vitamin A, which weakens your body’s ability to fight off free radicals.  It can also cause your skin to look sallow, puffy, and dried out. 

10. Find the right skincare routine and stick with it.

We all have different skincare concerns and needs depending on the climate we live in, our age and our habits.  We have a Solutions Tool that allows you to answer a few quick questions (literally less than 30 seconds) and find out which regimen our dermatologists recommend based on your skin concerns.  If you put your name and email in at the end of the quiz, we will send you a copy of the recommendation, along with a morning and evening routine. All of our products come in a minimum 2-month supply and all come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.  So, you either get the skin you want or you get your money back.  Not many companies put their ‘money-where-there-mouth-is’ quite like this one.  The link to try the Solutions Tool is:

11. OK, I know I said 10, but let’s talk lashes for a minute.

Lashes are the new breasts…everyone wants a bigger, better pair these days.  False lashes are gorgeous, but expensive, time consuming to apply, and destroy your natural lashes.  Lash Boost is an alternative that gives you longer-looking, thicker-looking, darker-looking lashes that are 100% natural and 100% yours!  I have people ask me all the time where I get my lashes “done”.  I have to tell them that I spend 10 seconds a night applying the clear serum (Looks like a clear liquid eye liner. This is NOT a mascara) to my top lash line, bat my eyes a time or two and go to sleep.  In a couple of weeks, you will start to notice a difference and at two months, the growth is insanely good.  I actually had to decrease my usage because I wear glasses and they were hitting my glasses all day.  However, if you have an allergy to almonds, it’s a nonstarter.  Lash Boost contains panthenol, biotin, keratin, almond extract and a prostaglandin, and other ingredients. You can read more about it here:

I am so excited for you and all that the future holds for you after your big day!  I would love to help you on your journey to the best skin of your life that will be healthy, glowing skin that will last long after your big day! I would also like to offer you 10% OFF and free shipping, and a one-time $20 refund for all new preferred customers who use #ClassieEhrhard when ordering on ( 

To quote our world-famous dermatologists, “Skin, it’s a beautiful thing.  Wear it well”.

This Love Letter is written by: Tracy Davenport ( health + beauty expert with Rodan + Fields ) to visit Tracy or purchase any products, please follow the links listed in the post or simply head on over to

Tracy Davenport

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