Cinematic Films | How To Get The Best Wedding Film

What happens when we focus so much on all of our vendors but forget how SPECIAL it is to have a video of the wedding day. A beautiful film that allows us to relive each moment in motion. Even for all of us at Brides Night Out, cinematic films along with photo remain important in capturing our celebration of you! Whats most important to you?

The Meraki Videography team captured this film during Brides Night Out and we are excited to share it with you. These ladies were featured at our August '18 Brides night Out event. After watching the video you will know why our team selected these ladies as a featured vendor. It basically goes without saying.

Here are some tips for choosing your videographer/cinematographer:

1. Hire Someone Whose Style Closely Matches Yours

Like photographers, your wedding videographers come with many different styles of capturing film and different approaches to their craft. Film is in art, too ya know )Documentary-style videos present the events chronologically, without many special effects, while a cinematic film is generally more dramatic, using interesting angles for a Hollywood-movie feel (these are just two options of many). YES, you guessed it, the ladies behind Meraki are cinematographers... digging the style?

2. Take Finding A Videographer As Seriously As You Take Finding a Photographer (especially if a film is a must have)

Somehow wedding films get pushed to the back ya know hidden between guest favors and welcome bags - and its just too important for that spot shoved in the back on your long list of to dos. IF you make videography a priority, we will know it in the end result. Just like choosing our photographer, the best creatives will book early.

3. Reviews Always, Always Reviews!

So you feel like you've found "the one"? You love their work and you're on your way. Before you make that decision, REVIEWS ALWAYS, ALWAYS REVIEWS. After meeting with the company, you should always check reviews and call references. Dont see them, then ask. Be sure to ask questions like: Did they capture the most important parts of your wedding? Were they a positive presence throughout the day? Overall, were you happy with the final film? Keep in mind that brides will be honest and while their film may be amazing always do your due diligence and REVIEWS ALWAYS, ALWAYS REVIEWS.

Tell us if we missed anything or if you have any questions in the comments below!

Event hosted by Classie Photography

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